Moi, Myself & Ich

Moi, Myself & Ich is a play danced by 3 characters, from an original idea by Julia Ledl. This is a play about acceptance tolerance, openness, learning when and how to work together. This first performance premieres at the Théâtre de Belleville in Paris on November 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm.

ZEBRA poetry film festival

Olivios Karaolides composes the music for the videopoem Unexpectedly in collaboration with Lily Michaelides (poem) and Demetria Englezou (video) this is taking place from 16th-19th October 2014.

Poetry in dialogue

The videopoem Unexpectedly will be presented at the festival 'Poetry in dialogue' on Sunday June 15 at Phytorio, Nicosia Municipal Gardens.

LOGOS international literary festival

Olivios Karaolides has been invited by the cultural organization 'Ideogramma' to compose for the international literary festival LOGOS.

Socrates and his clouds

The Meddlers Theatre Company in association with Jermyn street theatre presents the world premiere SOCRATES AND HIS CLOUDS by William Lyons, inspired by Aristophanes.

Enarxis (The debut)

A composer, a piano and the show begins. The Satirikon Theatre welcomes on stage Olivios Karaolides and the music performance 'Enarxis (The debut).