Poetry in dialogue


The cultural organization Ideogramma organizes a cultural event called 'Poetry in dialogue'. This is a world-wide organization which brings together 28 poets from Australia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, UK, Spain, Israel, Cyprus, Norway and Finland, as well as six artists and eight musicians.

The videopoem 'Unexpectedly' will be presented at the festival 'Poetry in dialogue' on Sunday, June 15 at Phytorio, Nicosia Municipal Gardens. These events will create poetic and musical dialogues with various art forms (dance, video, art performance, etc.), emphasizing the identity, sound and richness of a language, representing each poet's country. Poets, artists and musicians will gather in Nicosia Municipal Gardens by the Pedieos river and in the Botanical Garden Troodos 'A.G. Leventis' (formerly Asbestos Mine) and Sunday, June 13 - 15, 2014.