Every Brilliant Thing - 'A unique theatrical experience. An experience of a lifetime'

Nina Tzivelou



Every Brilliant Thing - 'Can you enter a theatre and feel such intense emotion (joy, sadness, being moved, stress, anxiety, security)? Can you enter a theatre and shed tears at the same time as you’re laughing out loud? And not want this to end? Yes you can! All it took was a list of every thing that life bountifully offers, and a brilliant actress like

Melina Theocharidou, for us to have one of the most beautiful theatrical experiences of the year. The quick pace of the text, the alternating emotions, the brilliant humour, the infectious charm of the actress, achieve lift-off and make this a very powerful theatrical experience.'

Magda Zendrou


Duduka Theater

Every Brilliant Thing - 'The character was successfully adapted by Ioli Andreadi and Aris Asproulis to the Greek reality. Our generation’s experiences – our music, habits and choices – were all there and they brought Melina Theocharidou closer to us, they made her story our story. Melina Theocharidou, with her directness and armed with the text, manages to set up, with the simplest of means, an ideal communication channel with the audience. This is the only show I have ever seen in which the audience are giving hugs to the actress after the show. Don’t miss it.' 

Anna Kanta


Stamatis Kraounakis

Every Brilliant Thing - 'The remarkable achievement Every Brilliant Thing... we went in as strangers and left united and happy.'



Every Brilliant Thing - 'This isn't just another monologue. Though it's performed by one sole actor. This isn't just another interactive show. Though the audience participates actively throughout. And here I must admit that the charismatic Melina Theocharidou has a way – a sincere politeness, a genuine generosity, a respectful directness? – that makes it impossible to refuse her request, even if you're the least likely person to end up on stage. Watching the show is a bittersweet experience, an interaction of exceptional sensitivity, capable of bringing new audiences to the theatre.' 

Iliana Dimadi



Every Brilliant Thing - 'An intelligent, multi-layered show of rare sensitivity. The talented Melina Theocharidou, alone on stage, impresses with her readiness to improvise with the audience.'

Yiota Demetriadi



Every Brilliant Thing - 'Melina Theocharidou, who came from London specially for this show, is beyond extraordinary. Her sweet directness, her drive, her spontaneous naivety, her dignity, has graced the character with beauty and feeling, tightrope-walking between humour and gravity. Her list is therapeutic, a Grammar of Life. Jazz music, the inspired text tackling a difficult subject, one that speaks to people today all over the world, the captivating performance, the bold adaptation by Ioli Andreadi and Aris Asproulis (I warmly congratulate them for it), make this show a hymn to life, to freedom and non-conformity, delivered with humour and resilience.'

Zoe Toli



Every Brilliant Thing - 'Can a show touch your heart? The answer is yes. But can a show touch the hearts of the entire audience? The answer is yes yet again, if the show in question is Every Brilliant Thing. It provokes laughter and tears, one after the other, with remarkable speed; joy and sadness go hand-in-hand throughout the show. And when the journey ends, we all feel freed from everything that was weighing us down. A show that is an ode to life. A show that makes us see that happiness hides in all the everyday, simple, almost unnoticeable things. Even though we don't value them as much as we should. Huge praise must go to the actress-'athlete' Melina Theocharidou. Because this show is a marathon of endurance. Endurance against the difficulties of life itself.'

Christina Thanou


London Theatre Views***

Socrates and his clouds - 'meticulously staged production...Katerina Angelopoulou’s simple but imaginative set, Karolina Spyrou’s subtle lights, Olivios Karaolides’ atmospheric music/orchestrations, and Sandra Maturana’s jolly dances. The Chorus of three, Riana Athanasiou, Lucyelle Cliffe, Rahil Liapopoulou, are the performing highlight of the show...talented in their harmony of singing, dancing and verse. The clean clear direction of Melina Theocharidou in an easy flow which distinguishes the text should be acknowledged. This company’s attempt at epic theatre on the tiny stage of Jermyn Street should be praised for its courage.'

Blanche Marvin



Socrates and his clouds - «Olivios Karaolides' consistently high quality score. Alexander Andreou's portrayal of Socrates as a warm, eloquent and touchingly vulnerable man is the shining highlight of the evening.»

Alex Lockhart 


British Theatre Guide

Socrates and his clouds - 'Paul Hutton gives Strepsiades an instant comic reality and rapidly establishes a rapport with the audience. Jack Montgomery’s Phiddy is an excellent pairing, exactly the spoiled-child selfish brat we are told his mother has made him. There is an earthy vitality to Lyons's play. Beautiful music from composer Olivios Karaolides. Melina Theocharidou’s production has found a style that perfectly matches this text. She is well served by Katerina Angelopoulou’s colourful design with its simple setting of clouds sketched on a blue back wall and white pillar drums rearranged to suit.'


Le Devoir****

Montreal - 'Karaolides' Montreal has a rich variety of melodies that make it more distinctive and memorable.'


The Times

Pamela! - 'An amusing musical tale of kidnap and cranky religion with strong hints of paedophilia where moments that one might expect to be treated as high drama are instead pastiched and played for laughs. Particularly enjoyable performances by Ceris Hine as the young girl comically quick at discerning where her best interests lie, and Virge Gilchrist, absurdly sinister in black, as the soon-to-be-replaced favourite. Clever lyrics by Sarah Underwood, cheeky music by Olivios Karaolides, whirled merrily on in Melina Theocharidou’s direction.'

Jeremy Kingston


British Theatre Guide

Pamela! -'Karaolides writes a clear vocal line so the words are comprehensible, not lost in high soprano bravura.'

Howard Loxton