LOGOS international literary festival

logos_posterOlivios Karaolides has been invited by the cultural organization 'Ideogramma' to compose for the international literary festival LOGOS.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013, 8:30 p.m at the Cultural Center George Seferis, Platres, CY


The 1st International Literary Festival 'LOGOS' will take place in early November in Cyprus. 24 authors from 13 countries will meet in Nicosia and Platres for three days in an event that also host artists and musicians.

At the concert will be heard the following pieces:

1Measured Breath Ι, ΙΙ, ΙΙΙ 2He's a fiery old brand 3Athens 4La tristesse d'Europe 5La Trahison

and it will be performed by: George Georgiou (clarinet), Tefkros Xydas (viola) and Annini Tsiouti (piano)


About the festival: During the festival, the authors will deal the importance of language through translation, the respect for identity and creative harmonious coexistence. The aim of the organizers is the institutionalization of the International Literature Festival, in the presence of a significant number of Cypriot and foreign writers and artists. An International Literary Festival not only identifies the place, people, culture and creativity, but also raises cultural and cultural trend of the season, tying the creative memory of yesterday and today and extending into tomorrow. The events of the festival: It starts Friday November 1st, with the arrival and welcome reception and knowledge of their authors . On Saturday November 2nd, scheduled full day literary event at the Cultural Center 'Giorgos Seferis' in Platres and on Sunday, November 3rd, full day literary event in Nicosia. The event will take place in the ' Faneromenis square' and  at the indoors of 'Faneromenis Gymnasium'. Events include literary meeting / discussion, readings by writers in their language with simultaneous screenings translations in Greek and / or English, reading to young children, creative writing workshops in Greek and English for high school students and college students respectively, music concert, art exhibition (Artists Books), etc.
More info at www.ideogramma-cy.com  and at (+357) 22756453, (+357) 99577006.