Moi, Myself & Ich

Moi, Myself & Ich is a play danced by 3 characters, from an original idea by Julia Ledl. This is a play about acceptance, tolerance, openness, learning when and how to work together. This first performance premieres at the Théâtre de Belleville in Paris on November 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm.
Choreographer/Director: Julia Ledl, music by Olivios Karaolides, script by Rosy Pollastro
The concept:
In one room, there is a lack of balance between three equally strong personalities who live in different dimensions. The subject is oriented around the weaknesses and strengths of each, and how to balance the understanding because of their differences. Life sometimes goes without concern for others, without background and true, but when you think they reached their limits and their fears are holding back, you have to turn to others.
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