Paramythou (the storyteller)

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I Paramythou (the storyteller) narrates in greek famous fairytales, stories and myths for children, young and old.

“As a child, I spent many hours by myself. Countless hours. As an only child, I rarely had the company of a peer at home. Back then, television programs didn’t run all day, there was no TV set in every room, nor computers, or tablets, or mobile phones, or the internet. Then, we had colouring pencils or watercolour, teddy bears, books.

Around the age of 6, I used to love sitting in my room listening to narrations of fairytales on daddy’s old cassette player. Some cassettes came with their storybook, you could buy them together. Some others where just on their own, and those where my favourite! Nobody – not even my mom – remembers where how or where we got them from. I don’t remember the stories either. What I do remember, is that 6 year old girl, sitting at the edge of her bed, creating, in her head, images and movies of the stories she listened to.’

Narrated by Andreanne Athanasiou.